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What are the three main defining qualities of INFJs?

Highly perceptive (intuitive), agreeable and empathetic are the qualities that stand out to me.

I was finding it difficult to pinpoint the quality that mirrors introverted intuition until I realized that is what makes us highly perceptive.

Another possibility could be high conscientiousness, but I know some INFJs don’t test high in that category even though they are clearly productive and, well, conscientious. So, perhaps how we answer test questions aren’t always true to life.

In terms of genetic results, I am high on agreeableness, empathy and contentiousness. I also have genes associated with having a narrow social network and being less sensitive to social rejection. High harm avoidance and less reward dependent.

To me, though, our defining quality is empathy — or is that just me answering this test question? I think so because our No. 1 quality is our intuitive ability, while empathy is a supporting quality.

I was talking to my INFP Midwest college friend yesterday evening who was reminiscing about our college esoteric studies. I know that sounds silly. Most people think back on their college partying or dating. He was noting how we had fun solving intellectual and spiritual mysteries way past midnight. And, that is not a metaphor for anything.

Idealistic and imaginative are other characteristics that swirl around and also relate to our introverted intuition and extroverted feeling.

No. 1: Living in an inner world. Also known as introverted intuition or the quality of thinking in images and dreams. It’s what makes us perceptive (intuitive). We are the mystics.

No. 2: Agreeable. We are the negotiators and mediators. We like people to get along.

No. 3: Empathetic. We are the caregivers.

— Aura the Explorer on Quora, See post.

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