16 Personalities: ENTP Knight of Swords

Who is the ENTP Knight of Swords?

  • ENTPs belong to the family of rationals or the problem-solving temperaments. Other rationals include the INTP architect, the ENTP inventor and the ENTJ fieldmarshal.
  • The rationals make up less than 10 percent of the population with core characteristics such as pragmatic, skeptical and self-contained.
  • ENTPs are extraverted thinkers who prefer adaptability.
  • ENTPs have introverted sensing as an inferior function so they go down memory lane – getting stuck in the past.
  • As a general rule, rationals do well to date other rationals. Likewise, idealists often fall in love with other idealists. Artisans pair up well with other artisans, while guardians feel at home with other guardians.
  • Rationals are all focused on problem-solving and systems analysis. Strategic leaders, being independent, strong willed and ingenious brings each of them a great sense of pride.
  • They also tend to prize technology, seek knowledge, desire achievement and – above all else – trust logic.

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