Photo by Razieh Bakhtom

Cake Creativity & Keeping up with Seasonal Timings

If it weren’t for cakes — specifically holiday and seasonal ones — I wouldn’t be able to keep up with what month we are in.

I just saw the latest catalogue from my favorite bakery.

Their new sweets include a fruited-up croissant with chocolate — which doesn’t appeal to me because I’m 5 percent French. And that 5 percent that I am likes croissants plain with unsalted butter and strawberry jam on the side.

Likewise, I have no interest in their French Galettes; however, their new cream puffs made my heart speed up. Filled with decadent mousse.

They even use fancy names such as profiterole, chou a la creme and the French choux pastry ball. Which is it?

Nothing compares, though, to cake. It must be autumn soon because the bakery showcases a cinnamon cake decorated with warm colors. The cake reminds me of the cinnamon and sugar apple cider doughnuts at apple orchards in the fall.

I’m more infatuated with the cranberry orange layer cake. The most beautiful decorations on top — a wreath of fall flowers. I need cranberry mousse. I want depth and complexity. I like it tart — no innuendo intended.

For me, late summer vacationing is synonymous with sleeping in and napping all day. When you sleep, you can be at the apple orchard. I guess you could just go to an apple orchard during the day. Do they still exist? They must or you wouldn’t see all those social media postings with pumpkin props and bales of hay. And stupid people smiling.

Stupid happy that is. Happy as I’d be if I made a margarita cake. Now, there’s a cake that is worth — maybe not making — but worth thinking about making.

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