16 Personalities: ESFJ Knight of Pentacles

Who is the ESFJ Knight of Pentacles?

The Prince of Pentacles belongs to the temperament known as the “guardians.” ESFJs are the providers.

The two other guardians include the supervisor or ESTJ and the inspector or ISTJ.

According to surveys…

The natural love partner for the ESFJ is the ISFJ.

While ESFJs can have chemistry with INFJs and other idealists, it’s often a poor match.

An INFJ has introverted intuition or Ni as the primary function followed by extroverted feeling, introverted thinking and extroverted sensing. But the ESFJ has extroverted feeling as a primary function followed by introverted sensing or Si, extraverted intuition and, finally, introverted thinking.

Potential for conflict arises due to the Ni versus the Si. People with introverted intuition are extremely focused on the future – dreaming of what could be. But ESFJs rely on past knowledge.

In the tarot deck…

In the tarot deck, the Knight of Pentacles or Prince of Coins is a hard-working, productive and conservative prince.

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