16 Personalities: INTJ as the Lord of Swords

Who is the INTJ Lord of Swords?

INTJs and INFJs both have introverted intuition (Ni) as the strongest influence on their personalities. INTJs and INFJs are the rarest of all the personality types. They both easily recognize patterns. They are both private people who like a lot of alone time. But INTJs fare much better as loners.

Cognitive functions:

The INTJ’s cognitive function stack is NiTe. They lead with introverted intuition followed by Te or extroverted thinking. The INTJ’s tertiary function is Fi or introverted feeling.

Their weakness function is the fourth in the “stack” or Se (extroverted sensing). INFJ’s also have Se as their fourth function. Some believe INFJs and INTJs are prone to behavior that is “out of character” when they are under the influence of their inferior extroverted sensing function. But it can also be a positive thing as INTJs and INFJs often love exercising outdoors and appreciating the finer things of life.




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