What unique insight do you get from the different personality models (mbti, enneagram, big 5, 4 temperaments, etc)?

I think the insights we gain from the various personality and temperament models actually relates to the studies, surveys and research that uses any one of these models to make correlations to specific issues and topics.

For example, some researchers use MBTI to survey married couple about their marital satisfaction. From this we can determine if we are more likely to be happy with a sensing perceiving type, intuitive feeler, intuitive thinker or other. Obviously, there is no absolute but it’s helpful for relationship compatibility.

I’ve also heard that MBTI is useful when figuring out what career to pursue because of the system’s origin (figuring out how to place people in jobs after world wars or even knowing which types make better military people).

When I was in college, the big thing at that time was the simple model about temperaments (melancholic, sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic). We analyzed people for the purpose of figuring out who would make a better roommate. As I recall, the sanguine-choleric temperament was not compatible in a college roommate while the phlegmatic types (introverted) were quite pleasant.

I like the way the Big 5 (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism and agreeableness) are each addressed by genomics science studies. On the Genomelink site I can read about how my specific genes compare to research studies that looked at personality traits. This is helpful people is shows me aspects of myself that are “nature” versus nurture (a result of upbringing and experiences).

As for enneagram, I’m of the opinion that enneagram helps most in describing our work-artistic-career personalities. Every time I read about enneagram, it just fits me in terms of my life work. I’m a 4w5.

Yes. I would integrate all of them. Don’t use any of the models as a way to limit who you are or who you want to be with in life. Rather, use the information to become more understanding, more flexible and open to evolving as a person or goddess/god. I’ve become happier in all of my relationships by better understanding others and myself. Relationship astrology is another way to understand yourself and others — and it’s not the “less intellectual” approach. In fact, very wise and highly intelligent ancient people used astrology for centuries in ways that surpass our humble understandings.

— Aura the Explorer on Quora. See post.

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