16 Personalities: ESTP King of Wands

Who is the ESTP King of Wands?

The ESTP King of Wands makes his presence known. The bold and competitive king says he is feeling a tad bored himself – and would not mind a few tips on how to win this chess game as a king.

Cognitive Functions:

Extraverted sensing. The ESTP’s primary cognitive function is Se. It’s the main way this type takes in information.

Introverted thinking. Ti is what fuels the ESTP’s drive to comprehend the world.

Extraverted feeling. Fe is the tertiary or third function in the cognitive stack for the ESTP who wants to make the world a better place.

Introverted intuition. Ni is the fourth cognitive function for the ESTP. Some say the fourth function is a person’s Achilles heel or point of weakness. But Ni helps the ESTP put together patterns to solve problems.



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