16 Personalities: ESTJ as King of Pentacles

Who is the ESTJ King of Pentacles?

As the “Supervisor,” the ESTJ is one of the Alpha or dominant personalities.

The ESTJ Supervisor is all about reliability, service and respectability while idealists value empathy, benevolence and authenticity.

Conventional people such as ESTJs often feel attracted to partners with colorful personalities. They like the friendly, playful, creative traits of the artistic types.

Cognitive Functions

Dominant: The ESTJ leads with Te or extroverted thinking. It’s the primary way this type interacts with the world. They are effective and rely on what makes logical sense.

Secondary: The ESTJ’s secondary function is Si or introverted sensing. They remember impressions. They are good at compartmentalizing, learning practical matters with skill and grace.

Tertiary: The third function for the ESTJ is Ne or extroverted intuition. It’s the part of an ESTJ that is always searching for new ideas or looking to execute a novel plan.

Last function: Fi or introverted feeling is the fourth conscious cognitive function for an ESTJ. They evaluate situations based on their internal moral compass. Fi is their gut — and they want things to match up to their values.

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