16 Personalities: INFJ as the Queen of Cups

An INFJ is a person who still looks at the world in an idealistic and optimistic way even though there are challenges. We are and balanced (left/right) brain people.

INFJs lead with introverted intuition — which means they interpret their surroundings through symbols. INTJs are the only other types that have Ni as a dominant cognitive function.

An INFJ’s second function is extroverted feeling followed by introverted thinking and extroverted sensing.If you are new to MBTI, here are a few interesting facts about INFJs.

  • INFJs make up about 1.5 of the total population.
  • The cognitive function stack for INFJs is Ni (introverted intuition), Fe (extroverted feeling), Ti, (introverted thinking) and Se (extroverted sensing).
  • All MBTI types have a feminine and masculine expression that is not determined by one gender or another.
  • The INFJ love language is the same exact one as the INFP love language with quality time and words of affirmation ranking at the top.
  • Moreover, INFJs are part of the “idealist” family that also includes ENFJs, INFPs and ENFPs.








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