16 Personalities: ENFJ as Lady of the Lake

Who is the ENFJ Lady of the Lake?

In the Arthurian pack of tarot cards, the Lady of the Lake is the Justice card. An ENFJ of any gender or sexuality is often represented by the “King of Cups.” The Lady of the Lake is another fitting description of this personality type that is strong, creative, loving, warm and affectionate as well as mysterious.

Cups stand for emotions, relationships, feelings, poetry and creativity. The King of Cups is the dreamer who holds the water element. The king is the idealist who represents (NF) or intuition and feeling.

Cognitive Functions

The ENFJ’s cognitive functions are similar to the INFJ. Each type has four conscious functions and four shadow functions.

For the ENFJ, the dominant function is extroverted feeling or Fe. The secondary function is Ni or introverted intuition. The third function is Se or extroverted sensing. The ENFJ’s least developed conscious function is Ti or introverted thinking.

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