Tarot & MBTI: The Living Empress Card

An ISFJ, the Empress card of the tarot deck is another voting member of the daily mind meetings inside the Tudor Mansion.

As a tarot card, the Empress signifies abundance. It is the third trump card in traditional decks.

Although she is part of Major Arcana of 22 cards, the Empress continually shows her loyalties are with her core group inside the Tudor Mansion.

Depending on the artist, the Empress cards depict a woman on a throne wearing a crown with 12 stars or a woman in a field wearing a sundress and crown. She has dominion over the 12 months of the year as the one who nurtures and sustains.

Inside the mansion, The Empress likes sharing her “comfort foods,” as well as arranging flowers. She is adept at business, romance and art. Her archetype is often a friendly television reporter or someone in the helping profession.


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