16 Personalities: ISFJ as Lord of Pentacles

Who is the ISFJ Lord of Pentacles?

An ISFJ is often called the “Defender” personality of the MBTI system.

ISFJs make up 13 percent of the population. They are one of the most popular of all the personalities of the MBTI system.

The ISFJ function stack is Si, Fe, Ti and Ne. In other words, they have introverted sensing as a dominant function followed by extroverted feeling, introverted thinking and extraverted intuition.

The “SJ” (sensing judging) types have a 58 percent satisfaction with “NF” (intuitive feeling) types, but “NF” types only have a 46 percent reciprocal satisfaction for “SJ” types.

SJs trust facts, personal experience and authorities while intuitive types trust their hunches and insights.

INFJs and ISFJ share their auxiliary and tertiary functions of Fe (extraverted feeling) and Ti (introverted thinking).


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