16 Personalities: ENTJ as King of Swords

Who is the ENTJ King of Swords?

Often called the “Commander” or the “Fieldmarshal” of the 16 personalities, the ENTJ is the quintessential Alpha male and a born leader.

The ENTJ man has dominant extroverted thinking, introverted intuition as an auxiliary function, extraverted sensing as a tertiary function and introverted feeling as an inferior function.

ENTJs are very decisive people so once they make up their mind, there is no turning back or second chances. ENTJs are open, confident, irritable, blunt, short-tempered, authoritarian, thick-skinned, and rational.

According to surveys…

ENTJ is the highest earning personality type. Some surveys show ENTJs favor ENFPs, INTPs and ENTPs, but none of those types make up the secret Holy Grail match for a love-struck ENTJ.

In the tarot deck…

In the tarot deck, the King of Swords symbolizes intellectual power and authority. Some tarot collections depict the King of Swords as one who wears a blue tunic to represent a thirst for spiritual knowledge. This is the king who bases decisions on logic yet listens to his inner intuitive voice or the guardian angel that whispers into his left ear. He grasps his sword with his right hand to assert the dominance of the conscious mind. Yet, his sword points to the left side of the intuitive or subconscious mind to represent his flexibility.


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