Ni vs. Ne: Intuition of INFJs & ENTPs 🔮 | Astrology & Love

✨ Welcome to another enchanting video by Aura the Mystic! In this episode, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Ni (Introverted Intuition) and Ne (Extroverted Intuition), exploring how these intuitive functions shape the personalities of INFJs and ENTPs. 🌌

🌙 We’ll uncover the astrological parallels, aligning Ni with the deep, transformative energies of Pluto and Neptune, and Ne with the expansive, innovative forces of Jupiter and Uranus. 🌠

💖 Discover how these functions impact relationships, and learn about the best astrological matches for love compatibility. Whether you’re an INFJ seeking deep connections or an ENTP looking for exciting possibilities, this video offers insights to enhance your understanding and relationships. 💫

🌟 Don’t miss out on the mystical journey through intuition, astrology, and love! Stay tuned and stay magical with Aura the Mystic! ✨🔮💖

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