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Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Personalities

✨ Discover the Mystical World of Star Children! ✨
Welcome to my channel, I’m Aura the Mystic! 🌟 In this video, we’re diving into the fascinating concept of star children 🌌. Learn about Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, and how these mystical beings align with the MBTI personality types and zodiac signs! 🔮💫
What’s Inside:
• 🌠 What are star children?
• 🧭 The origins and purpose of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children
• 🧩 How INFJs and INTJs fit into the Indigo category
• 🌿 The healing energy of Crystal children and their MBTI types
• 🌈 The vibrant joy of Rainbow children and their corresponding MBTI types
• 🌍 Non-fits and their cosmic origins (Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Alpha Centauri) 🚀

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