Astrology & MBTI: Love Secrets of Venus and Mars 🌟💖


Join me, Aura the Mystic, as we explore how Venus and Mars influence love and compatibility through the lens of astrology and MBTI personality types. 🌌✨ Discover how the feeling types align with Venus and the thinking types with Mars, and learn why some personalities are more inclined towards one planet’s energy.
We’ll delve into:
• The roles of Venus and Mars in your birth chart 📝
• How feeling and thinking types express love and passion ❤️🔥
• Tips on using AI to analyze your birth chart for deeper romantic insights 📊🔮
Whether you’re curious about your own relationships or want to understand your partner better, this video will provide valuable insights into the cosmic dynamics of love. Stay magical and stay mysterious! 🔮✨
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