Introduction MBTI

What are the three main defining qualities of INFJs?

Highly perceptive (intuitive), agreeable and empathetic are the qualities that stand out to me. I was finding it difficult to pinpoint the quality that mirrors introverted intuition until I realized that is what makes us highly perceptive. Another possibility could be high conscientiousness, but I know some INFJs don’t test high in that category even […]

What unique insight do you get from the different personality models (mbti, enneagram, big 5, 4 temperaments, etc)?

I think the insights we gain from the various personality and temperament models actually relates to the studies, surveys and research that uses any one of these models to make correlations to specific issues and topics. For example, some researchers use MBTI to survey married couple about their marital satisfaction. From this we can determine […]

Welcome to Jungian Exploration: Discovering Inner Order

Welcome to INFJ Insights where we discuss Carl Jung’s ideas, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator System), intuition and introspection. Here, the ancient monastery represents the 12th house in astrology ruled by Pisces and Neptune. What is MBTI? Inspired by Jung, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system assigns every personality type four main cognitive functions […]